Sunday, July 27, 2014

Finding hope

Hi everyone. I haven't been good with blogging, but I've been thinking about something that I thought I should share with all of you. For a while I've been struggling with writing and doing well in school. I was really struggling with the math related courses and the major I was in seemed only to be encouraged to go into a field I have no interest in. I've also felt like no matter what I did my book was not going to be the success I hoped it would. In essence I kind of lost hope.
The things I thought and felt were terrible. During the time when this was going on I felt as if this world didn't care about dreams coming true. I thought things like life only wanted us to find a niche to fill and be satisfied regardless of whether or not we liked it. It felt as if the things we liked were irrelevant and we were only supposed to flow with the current life puts us in.
I've voiced some of my concerns in the past, and you've responded in encouraging me to keep going. All of you helped me to see that the depression dragon can be slain, and we all can rise above our shortcomings. Yesterday my mom told me this: Follow your heart. I will try to live up to her words of advice.
I think the problem that came up is something many people fall into: we look at what we've failed to do and overlook what we succeeded at. I was saddened by my struggles with passing a math class that I didn't think about how well I was doing elsewhere. Just because my book didn't become the next New York bestseller doesn't mean I failed as an author. The persistence and determination to actually write a book makes it successful enough. I know we all have our problems, but they aren't as big as they may seem. They exist but for a small moment.
My mom's kind words reminded me of the love Heavenly Father has for all of us. He does want us to succeed, but sometimes we think we know better. Just because something doesn't go the way we want them to doesn't mean that something better isn't waiting for us further down the road. I'll keep going and I'll have the faith and the hope that there is something better coming my way.

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