Monday, August 25, 2014

Review: Prince of Alasia is a Great Read

Hi everyone. Sorry about the hiatus in blogging. I got distracted with the internet and school. Anyway I got a book to review here. It's the first of the Annals of Alasia series, Prince of Alasia.
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
Prince of Alasia is about Prince Jaymin, whose life is turned upside down when soldiers from the neighboring kingdom of Malorn invade and kill his parents. Jaymin, with his best friend/bodyguard Erik, is forced into hiding. While living as a peasant, Jaymin learns how hard life is for his subjects, and witnesses first hand the cruelty and injustice the Malornian soldiers inflict upon the people. Prince Jaymin has to learn not only how to survive, but how to become the king Alasia needs him to be.
Even though I read the third book first I still found this story enjoyable. Annie Douglass Lima doesn't waste time in her fantasies coming up with a bunch of mystical races. Her stories focus on the people themselves and the lives they live. Jaymin's struggle to believe in himself and the loyalty of Erik make this story a must read. The life of peasantry is well written here, and the emotions of the people oppressed by their conquerors are accurately written. There were times where I was thinking in a similar fashion to the Alasians even though I knew there was more at work. Don't leave this book sitting on a shelf.
A woman drinks alcohol. Some people might get angry at the cruelty of the Malornian soldiers. A boy mentions being beaten cruelly by a soldier. Two boys get into a fight, and some blood is mentioned. A boy fights off two soldiers. Two armies fight, but it is non-graphic.
When the rights of the people are oppressed by their leaders, it is the duty of the citizen to protect their freedoms. We should not be angry at those who wrong us because we don't always have the facts. Don't be afraid to stand up for your rights and freedoms. We should seek to learn as much as we can. The greatest act of love is to lay down your life for another. We may not always feel qualified to do the things we are called to do in life, but if we have faith we can do anything.

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