Monday, July 14, 2014

Book review: Prince of Malorn does not disappoint. An instant classic.

Hi everyone. If you're aware this week is the 4th year anniversary for the release of my book so I'll be sure to do some blog posts when I can to celebrate. There's also going to be a party on Facebook. In the meantime I have another book to review:
Rating: Five out of Five stars
Prince of Malorn is a great coming of age story. Prince Korram is approaching the age where he will be old enough to take the throne of Malorn. There's just one problem: An evil regent is out to take the throne for himself, and Korram believes the regent has practically all the politicians and military on his side. He heads to the Impassable Mountains to recruit the Mountain Folk for help. When he finds himself stranded in the mountains he is taken in by a family of Mountain Folk and learns to survive and be one of them. Prince Korram must work to make peace between his people and the Mountain Folk, survive the dangers of the mountains, and recruit an army if he is to become Malorn's next king, but is he up to the task?
Annie Douglas Lima is a storytelling enchantress. She builds an incredibly realistic world of fantasy and adventure. She doesn't waste time including a bunch of various magical races, and she makes the mundane seem just as impressive and dangerous. The culture of the Mountain Folk and the Malornians really resounds with you and you can feel the tension, distrust, and pain. The horses of her world are incredibly loyal and smarter than a lot of people would give credit for. If you love fantasy or good literature you should definitely pick up Prince of Malorn and the rest of the Annals of Alasia series.
Nothing really to worry about here. Some blood is mentioned when facing wild animals but nothing serious. A girl is killed on accident. There is a battle scene and the fighting does get intense, but there is no excessive or needless gore.
We should take the time to get to know the people around us. Our world is filled with a rich diversity of cultures and we should take the time to learn about them. Love and forgiveness are more powerful than hate. Adoptive families can be just as loving and caring as biological families. We should have the courage to stand up for our rights and freedoms when evil people seek to take them away.

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