Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Review: Maleficent is a new classic

Hi everyone. This review is a couple of weeks late, but that's better than never. Some of you have said you haven't seen this yet so I'll try my best to avoid spoilers.
Rating: Five out of Five stars
This film adds on to the tale of Disney's Sleeping Beauty, but with some twists. Maleficent tells the story from the view of the world famous fairy, and we actually get a back story for the Mistress of All Evil. Turns out Maleficent started out good and kind, caring for her home and protecting it from people seeking to exploit it. However a person she thought was her friend betrays her for the riches of the kingdom and, well, to say she becomes bitter about it would be an understatement. This leads to the moment where Walt Disney's sixteenth full-length animated film begins. Maleficent crashes the christening of the princess Aurora and curses her with the curse we all know. However as the years progress a twist of fate leads Maleficent to finding a second chance to find happiness in life.
I really loved the story and I loved the actors who helped with this movie. Angelie Jolie looks and acts like Maleficent as if she walked out of the world of animation into the live-action world. Sharlto Copley gives new life to the king of one of Disney's famous princesses, and he does not hold back. Elle Fanning does a very nice job as Princess Aurora, and I enjoyed seeing Vivienne Jolie-Pitt and Eleanor Worthington-Cox show us younger versions of Aurora. They've got great futures ahead of them as do Ella Purnell and Isobelle Molloy who both acted as Maleficent in her youth. The story does deviate a great deal from Walt Disney's classic, but it actually makes the story better. There was also a lot more humor in here than I expected. However if you want to know what you have to see the film yourself.
Some of the action scenes may be a little intense for younger audiences. Some of the inhabitants of the fairy kingdom may be scary for little kids.
Love is more powerful than hate. We find happiness in loving others instead of hurting them. Love between a parent and a child is one of the purest. Everyone can change who they are.

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