Sunday, January 11, 2015

Book Review: Z. Apocalypse is an epic end.

Last review for the day. This book is the last of Steve Cole's Hunting Trilogy. And it is epic. Give it up for Z. Apocalypse!
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
On their way to a meeting to give information about Geneflow Adam and his father are caught in the middle of an attack on Washington D.C., caused by super-evolved pterosaurs that are dubbed Z. dactyls. One of them is captured and the government gets to work trying to learn what they can from it. Meanwhile similar attacks are going on in countries across the world. After Geneflow tries to eliminate the captured Z. dactyl, dubbed Keera, Adam and his new friend Zoe are taken all the way to Siberia, where they meet up with Zed from the first book! After learning of Geneflow's plot to bring about the apocalypse Adam and his friends must work to stop Geneflow's demented plans, but can they really stop the end of the world?
In this epic finale Steve really doesn't hold back. Not only are there armies of super-evolved dinosaurs, but Geneflow's madness really shines forth. A plot to turn all world governments against each other, doubled with engineering species to be completely devoid of free will and thought. Science is shown at its worst here, and the stakes have been higher than ever before. If there was ever a book series that could use dinosaurs in an epic way, its The Hunting.
Creature violence abounds. Blood is mentioned. A mad scientist clones people into human-reptile hybrids. Animals are fed to dinosaurs. Crashes and explosions may be a little intense.
It is wrong to force anyone to act against their will. It is okay to fight if you are not the offender and to protect your freedom and the freedom of those around you.

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