Saturday, February 21, 2015

Late Review: The False Prince is tense and fun

Hi everyone. So sorry that it's been a while. I meant to blog about RootsTech, but I didn't manage my time wisely. I wanted to get this review to you on The False Prince.
Rating: Five out of Five stars
Sage is an orphan living in Avenia. One day he is bought by Bevin Conner, who is a regent of the nearby kingdom of Carthya. The royal family of Carthya has been murdered and civil war threatens to erupt. To prevent this Conner has hatched a plan that if they fail will result in everyone being executed for treason. The plan is to train an orphan boy to behave and look like the lost prince Jaron, who was lost at sea years earlier. Sage finds himself against two other boys, Tobias and Roden. Those who do not convince Conner that they're perfect for the role will be killed. With enemies around him, and a reason to win, will Sage be able to stay alive and fill the role of Jaron?
This is not the typical fantasy. Yes there are kingdoms, but Jennifer A. Nielsen doesn't fill the land with dragons, elves, or any other fantasy creature we would expect. Her book focuses on the political side of a world. Treachery and deceptions are around every corner, and the reader will find themselves wondering who can be trusted. Even though I would've liked to have seen some fantasy creatures I enjoyed the story too much.
A boy is killed by a crossbow to show the seriousness of the mission. Some boys attack each other with knives and blood is drawn. A soldier is killed. Boys are threatened with death.
There may be times where we have to hide who we are to help those in need. We should not be afraid to stand up for others. It is our duty as citizens of our country to keep men from abusing their power.

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