Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Book review: The Cave Girl is fun, but misleading

Hi everyone. I finished this book earlier this week and that means it's time for another review. Today's lucky story is The Cave Girl by Edgar Rice Burroughs.
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Waldo Emerson Smith-Jones is swept off the ship he was traveling on and washes ashore on an uncharted island. Due to the fact that he is a bookworm and was helicoptered-parented by his mother all his life Waldo is a coward. He soon finds out that the inhabitants of the island are Paleolithic-era people who are intent on killing him. He meets and befriends a beautiful cave girl named Nadara who teaches him her language and how to survive in the wild. She names him Thandar, which translates as "The Brave One." She clings to him in the hopes that he will rid her village of two antagonistic cavemen who are making life hard for everyone. However he flees the first chance he get. As time goes by Waldo gets stronger and braver, and starts to fit into a better role on this island. Will Waldo be able to face his fears and his many enemies and get back home?
I have enjoyed the stories of Edgar Rice Burroughs because I enjoy the places he comes up with and the loyalties the characters develop for each other. When I learned of this title I was hoping for more prehistoric-themed stuff. The story is still fun even if it goes with a lot of Mr. Burroughs story stereotypes. I was disappointed when I was reading that there weren't other Paleolithic inhabitants on this island. Also the story seemed a little fast paced. When it comes down to some of Waldo's health problems I'm not sure that living out in the wild and becoming another Tarzan would cure them. Also I was disappointed with the abrupt ending of the story. Still, I think Mr. Burroughs managed to recreate a nice little paleozoic community in the pages of this book.
Many characters, male and female, wear only a loincloth (no further detail is given), though this is probably to recreate the authenticity of the prehistoric people. A woman takes a bath in a stream but nothing is seen. Some blood is mentioned during fights with cavemen and panthers, but nothing graphic. Two people kiss.
Our weaknesses can be made into strengths. Men and women are supposed to come together as husband and wife.

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