Thursday, September 11, 2014

Late Review: Air Keep literally blows you away.

Hi Everyone. Sorry for the lack of blogging, but school has started and I've been trying to make sure I do a good job in my classes. Anyway, I decided to do a review for a book I read last week in one day, Farworld: Air Keep.
Rating: Five out of Five Stars
It's been six months since Marcus and Kyja have stopped the Keepers of the Balance and gone their separate ways. Both have hoped that the wizard Master Therapass would've found a way to allow Marcus to safely pass through the mysterious Realm of Shadows into Farworld by now. When an unexpected chain of events send Marcus into a place where the four aspects of time are shown to him, he unwittingly sets off a chain of events that could prove devastating. Kyja, against Master Therapass's orders, senses Marcus is in danger and pulls him into Farworld. However things are not well for the magical world. Blizzards, droughts, and floods are wrecking havoc, and no one has seen the water or land elementals for months. Could they be behind these disasters? Could the unthinkable have happened and they've joined with the Dark Circle? In order to find the answers Marcus and Kyja must find the elusive Air Keep and gain the help of the Air Elementals, but can they do it in time? And will what Marcus set off come to pass? Could this be the end of Farworld?
J. Scott Savage never ceases to amaze me with his creativity and imagination. The world of Farworld is always impressive and magical. He always manages to find some way to make the adventures to find each elemental fun and dangerous at the same time, and the elementals are not always what you'd expect them to be. His characters feel realistic, and sometimes do or act in a way you don't expect. His stories can take really unexpected turns, and when you think all is well something unexpected occurs. If you have not read the Farworld series yet I highly recommend you do.
Children are in peril constantly. A monster summons an undead army. Bloodless action against an invading army. Puns are used a lot, though some might be inappropriate.
We should not keep secrets from those we love. It's good to have a healthy sense of humor. There are events in life that we cannot control or change, no matter how hard we want to. Prejudice can lead to terrible consequences.

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