Thursday, October 2, 2014

Late review: Spirit Animals: Fire and Ice is extreme fun

I know I've been bad about varying blog topics. As many of you know college life is very demanding and schoolwork takes a great deal of anyone's time. However I just got through a midterm and I'm taking the time to do this blog post reviewing this book.
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
The world of Erdas is in trouble. The Conquerors have freed the serpent Gerathon from her prison, and she is causing mischief in many parts of the world. Meanwhile Rollan, Conor, Meilin, Abeke, the Greencloaks, and their Spirit Animals are traveling to the cold lands of Artica to find the great polar bear Suka and retrieve her talisman. Unfortunately it's been ages since anyone has seen the great beast, and the legends that exist suggest she could be trapped. Not only has Suka's absence been noticed by so many, but the people seem interested in keeping the bear missing. Everyone will have to work with their spirit animals like never before, but will Rollan be able to face a surprise from his past and help his friends?
The series always gives you a wild ride with unexpected twists and turns. I like how the different lands of Erdas capture different parts of the world, and the ability to bond with animals helps too. You can tell the connection between the characters is strongly developing, and each of them grows closer to their animals as well. The story is fast paced, but is well worth the read.
A snake eats someone and possesses people. People are in peril. Fighting between the Conquerors and Greencloaks gets serious, and the action might get intense for some. A giant polar bear goes on a rampage.
Our adoptive relationships can be just as real and true as our biological relationships. We can overcome the past to move to a better future.

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