Monday, May 5, 2014

Reviews for The Page and The Eternal Savage

Hi everyone. I know usually I only do one book review at a time. However today I'm pleased to say that I will be reviewing two books today.
A heroic knight, villains and dragons working together, and the mystical sword Excalibur. Padraig finds himself questing to rescue a maid from an evil dragon only to be caught up in a war to change the fate of our world. I enjoyed the creativity and imagination regarding what happened after the fall of Camelot. Some parts are a little slow, but overall an enjoyable read for all lovers of fantasy.
There is some mild swearing in this book. A few times it is mentioned that a knight takes a bath in front of a shocked page. Dragons bleed quite a lot when killed and are mentioned as killing people and eating their liver (though thankfully the characters never see it).
When we think ourselves as above others we are prone to fall. The greatest form of love is to be willing to give your life for another. When we use the means God has given us to help others we can accomplish great things. Evil is no match for the power of good. 
4 out of 5 stars
The Eternal Savage (or The Eternal Lover as my e-book copy is titled) is about Nu, a cave-man who sets out to kill a Smilodon (or Saber-tooth cat) so he can bring the head back and claim Na-Tul, the love of his life, as his mate. However things go wrong and Nu finds himself in the twentieth-century Africa where he meets up with Tarzan and has some adventures before returning back to his time period where he continues to work for Na-Tul.
With all the discoveries made in science we now know that such a story is impossible. Dinosaurs and man didn't live in the same time period, and several of the prehistoric mammals were in the wrong area. Still I enjoyed Nu's loyalty towards Na-Tul and the lengths he went to save her from harm. The ending might surprise you. However if you enjoy the works of Edgar Rice Burroughs you won't want to miss this.
Nu for most of the story only wears a loin cloth. There is one moment where it mentions him taking a bath (though it doesn't go into detail). Men and animals are killed, mostly for food though the men do kill to protect themselves and others from harm. A woman is seen feeding a child and mentions her chest being exposed.
A man and a woman are supposed to come together as husband and wife, and to cherish each other and love each other will full purpose of heart. When we mistreat others we can expect to be mistreated in the end. 
3 out of 5 stars

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