Friday, May 30, 2014

Review: Troublesome Neighbors is an interesting read

I got done with another story, so that means it's time to review. The story I finished reading is a young adult fantasy titled Troublesome Neighbors by M.K. Theodoratus.
5 out of 5 stars
M.K. Theodoratus has managed to capture an entire world in less than forty pages. The beginning starts out a little slow to medium pace, but it helps set the stage so we can see who's friend and who's foe. I like the strong independence of the main character Renna. She is far from the damsel in distress. The villain also has a way of doing things that people have an idea of but don't know how far it goes.
World building
We have a new system of magic that seems to be available to many if not all. There are elves in this world, but they have some differences to them that I didn't expect. It's good to see a new adjustment to a classic race. M.K. has also shown that a war has happened in the past that caused certain laws to arise which some people are not interested in obeying. Lords and rangers abound as well, establishing the atmosphere of a high fantasy.
An elf is described with a low-cut shirt.
If our leaders are not obeying the laws set to protect the people, it's the people's responsibility to take action.

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