Thursday, May 22, 2014

Movie Review: The Monster King has returned!

Hi everyone. It's time for a new post, and today I'm going to share with you my thoughts on Godzilla.
I'm going to be doing something new with movie reviews today as part of an experiment to try and make these reviews better. I'm going to be not just the story, but the effects and design as well.
Rating: Five out of Five stars
The story seemed to be well paced, though some might find the first hour a bit slow. For me, it wasn't too slow, but it wasn't too fast either. They did a good job of introducing and developing characters in a timely fashion, and the problems arose in a timely manner as well. I also enjoyed how they alluded to the events that led to the creation of the original Godzilla, and used the year 1954 as an allusion to the year that Godzilla was first released.
As is expected in these days, the effects used were really cool. The use of 3D in the movie helps to bring depth to the fights between the monsters, and the collateral damage done to their surroundings as well. Sometimes it's easy to forget that you're sitting in a theater.
I enjoyed the design given to the cities throughout the movie. The use of shading and darkness gives the message of how bad the evil kaiju in this movie are, while things seem to light up on Godzilla. Speaking of which Godzilla was really well designed in this movie. It's easy to see the homage to the original style of design for the creature, while still giving him some minor modifications. The other kaiju were also well done. Their movements seem to be a bit of a homage to the puppetry that some old monsters had done on them while they still moved about and behaved in a way that seemed natural.
I loved this movie and thought it was well done. This is Godzilla. I would highly recommend seeing this movie in theaters if you're interested in old fashioned monsters, or just want to see some really cool action.


  1. The result is entertaining enough after the slow intro, and the effects breath-taking, but I am not entirely sure this is actually what people had hoped for. Worked for me, but definitely won't for many others. Good review David.