Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Happy 23rd!

Well everyone, this is the conclusion of my twenty-third birthday. I didn't do much beyond the normal lifestyle. Went to classes, did schoolwork, watched stuff online, finished reading books, etc. I did get some pretty cool stuff that I'll share with you.
First, I got a cool new dinosaur t-shirt:
I'm pretty sure it's easy to tell what the t-shirt says. I was surprised later today with a surprise delivery from Thur Goodies. Here's what they delivered to me:

I hope I'm not making anyone hungry. This next picture will probably do the trick then:
Some friends brought these cakes over. However I had gone to the local club on writing and I wasn't back until after they had gone. Uh-oh. Just looking at them is making me hungry. And that's pretty much how this day went.