Thursday, November 21, 2013

Clash of Powers

Hi everyone. I was going to do a post on Titanoboa, but I decided that since I've missed a few days that I should share something a little more entertaining. This is a short story I wrote for my creative writing class. I did it while I was waiting for a meeting and didn't expect it to be good. However this got very positive feedback. Most people have said that they saw this as an excerpt from a longer book and they would've loved to have read more. I am considering trying to expand this into a book now. We'll have to wait and see. In the meantime, enjoy.
“You should’ve known better than to challenge me.”
            Malcolm glared at Horyct. This monster of a man had no idea just how strong he had become. Well soon he would update his information.
            “You should’ve known better than to destroy my home!” Malcolm retorted. The memory of that dark day burned deep into his mind. He had just been living his life along with his friends. Then Horyct showed up and began a spree of murder and terror. In a single day he had wiped out Malcolm’s town and his friends. Only he had been able to escape death.
            “What difference does it make whether I destroy a town or a planet? Eventually all things fade away. I was just hurrying things along.” Horyct said coldly, his green eyes devoid of emotion.
            “It makes a big difference to the people who call the places you destroy home! You have no right to decide when people should die or when towns should cease to exist! You may walk like a man Horyct, but deep down you’re a black-hearted demon!” Malcolm yelled. Without any warning he leapt at his foe, bringing his fist down on…the ground? The energy he released from his fists cracked the ground and left a shallow crater.
            “You have spirit, I admit.” Horyct said from behind him. “Impressive that you have awakened your gift. However that will not be enough to eliminate me. I have powers beyond any human-”
            “Zip it!” Malcolm yelled as he charged again. “You’re going down today!” Malcolm felt the power he had gained swell up in him. However there was only one way that he could unleash that power. Again he jumped into the air, ready to strike.
            Again his fists connected with the ground when he landed. Stone shards flew everywhere from the impact.
            “Have you really learned nothing from your travels? I cannot be defeated by such primitive methods. My powers of the night exceed anything your feeble mind can comprehend.” Horyct said, emerging from the shadows in front of him.
            Malcolm stood up. He had learned so much from his travels. He had gained a greater understanding of the world than he had back home. He had also learned that the old powers of legend still existed in everyone. Sadly many of those powers had become dormant. His had only awakened after he had trained with the priests.
            He had learned about Horyct and his fascination with the idea of natural selection. He wanted to know if the human race went extinct what would arise to take their place in life? To answer those questions he had gone to consorting with demons and monsters of the night. They had granted him powers over shadows and nightmares. He had become the avatar of everything the world regarded as evil.
            Malcolm on the other hand had walked down a different path. Ever since his home was destroyed he had sought out Horyct to make him pay for his crimes. That objective slowly changed to protecting others from suffering as he had suffered. That change of heart was what began to awaken his power from within. The priests of Evertime told him that the power only manifested its true potential when face with the certainty of defeat.
            “You can’t win.” Horyct gloated. “Soon the great extinction will occur and humanity will be wiped out. The time has come for them to step down and allow nature to create a better race.”
            “Like a demon race?” Malcolm said, building up the power within.
            “You may see them as nothing but demons. What I see is the truth. They have power. They have order. They have respect. What are humans? Savage, filthy, destructive parasites that live off the earth! They tear down and destroy everything they view as different. Even members of their own families! How does that sound like a higher race to you?”
            “Is that you felt when you left your home?”
            “I never had a home. I never had a family. Do you not understand? I am a clone, solely created so this pathetic species could survive! I was never regarded as a person, an individual. Just a tool to prevent extinction so the plague of humanity could continue.” Horyct snapped.
Pacing around the fiend continued, “Look at what they do! They do whatever it takes to satisfy their whims. If something unexpected comes along, they destroy it so they will not have to face the consequences! Everyone in the place where I came from had disbanded families and only select individuals were given the honor of having children. If you could call that an honor to create tools just to save a race that is slowly destroying itself. Well guess what? They can all go to the Deep Chasm for all I care! They deserve to be destroyed.”
            “And how does that make you better than them?” He was almost ready…
            A sharp pain to the head sent Malcolm across the room. How had Horyct struck without moving? What if he did move and he didn’t see it? He still felt the energy. His fists were burning, the power wanted to be released. All the people who were still living, still trying to survive this monster’s anger. He had to do it now. Horyct was moving now. Closer…closer…

            Malcolm struck.

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  1. Nice intensity and action. Something to build on for sure.