Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Myths of Dymos Study Questions

Okay, I was told that usually it's a good idea to have study questions for a book. Study questions allow readers to think more about what they've read, and sometimes apply it to themselves. I've read a few books with study questions, and I like how they were done. So, here are the study questions for the first book in the Myths of Dymos series.

1. In the story, Josun and his friends work together to save their home from the forces of the Magic’s Bane. How can friends support each other in accomplishing their goals in our world?

2. Bovern, Honetee, and Gyntor blame Josun for every problem they have. How do we sometimes blame other people for our problems? Why is it important that we take responsibility for our actions?

3. Dymos is home to many creatures that are now extinct here on Earth. What plant and animal species face extinction, and what can we do to try and save them?

4. All of Josun’s friends used their skills and talents to help each other reach their goals. What talents do you have, and how can they be used to help others?

5. When Saurina learns that she is a husaur, she doubts herself and doesn’t feel like she knows herself anymore. How can we let something about us keep us from doing our best? What can we do to overcome these obstacles?

6. The Roomar Vulture told Saurina and Josun a lie to get them to despair. How can lies cause us to doubt ourselves?

7. Queen Arias did all that she could to save the life of her daughter. Why do you think parents care so much for their children?

8. When crossing the Maze Reefs, Josun and Saurina were fascinated by the exotic wildlife they saw there. What are some of the most incredible places that nature created, and why is it important to make sure nothing happens to them?

9. Saurina was able to give Josun confidence when he doubted his worthiness to wield Vedion. What can we do to give our friends confidence to believe in themselves?

10. The sword Vedion has the power to give people another chance to choose good over evil. How can our words and actions help others to change their lives?

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