Monday, December 26, 2016

Started a Patreon

Hi everyone,
As you know, I started a Patreon last week. The patreon I do is not only for art I do, but I also feature works done by other artists that I commissioned. As a result, the money I earn from Patreon will go to supporting other artists in their endeavors through paid commissions. Here are the rewards you can get on my Patreon. 

$2 - access to my black and white sketches. Also, give suggestions for the names of some made-up beasts for my works. Possible access to pictures of non-Dymos characters that I commissioned other artists. 

$5 - Access to colored versions of my sketches, plus maps of locations of fiction, and access to previous rewards. Access to comics, and can give suggestions as to what comics I commission next.

$10 - Access to previous rewards, plus a say when polls are put up. Also, fully colored maps and other pieces of work revolving around the world of Dymos, and access to the works in progress for comics.

So if you want to help the circle go round, please become a patron. Your donations will go to helping other aspiring artists gain recognition and work, so everyone wins. If you're interested, then click the link and choose your reward tier. However, no one is under any obligation to support me. If you can't afford it, then that's okay. 

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