Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Book review: The Ice Dragon is a fun fantasy for winter

Hi everyone. School's starting to wrap up and I'm getting some great help to get caught up on assignments. I wanted to take some time today to do something I wasn't able to yesterday. Post a review for a book I finished reading.
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
Adara is a girl who's living in the North, a country in Westeros, with her father and siblings. Adara's noted for being a bit of an odd girl, such as she loves the winters. She would spend the time counting down to her birthday as that's during wintertime. Most do not enjoy the winters in the North, but Adara loves it. Each year Adara is visited by an ice dragon, a rare species of dragon that few ever see, and tales say it is a foul creature of death. However Adara manages to befriend the strange animal and flies around on it. That itself is a great accomplishment as ice dragons are held to be unridable. One day fierce invaders come to Adara's home and it's up to her and her ice dragon to stop them.
For a while now I've been encouraged to delve into George R. R. Martin's world of Westeros, and I was surprised to see there are books written by him that take place outside of his main series. Even though this book may be shorter and more geared to juvenile readers, I still found it a good place to enter Westeros. Most dragons are stereotyped to be fire breathers, but it made a nice change to see a dragon that could breath cold instead. Adara herself is a very interesting character. Winters can be fierce from what I read in the North, but the cold never bothers her. Sorry. Couldn't resist putting that joke in. I have read The World of Ice and Fire, and I spent some time wondering when this tale fits in chronologically with the history of Westeros. For reasons that I won't divulge so to not give any spoilers I'll say I think it happens in The Dance of the Dragons, which was the name of an old war. Anyway, I can see this book forming the basis of an animated film adaptation someday. Probably won't happen, but if you're looking for a fantasy book to read during the winter I would recommend this book.
A woman dies from childbirth. Men are mentioned as swearing, but the words are not listed. Some battle scenes, but nothing graphic. A kid accidentally snaps an ice lizard in two.
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