Saturday, November 15, 2014

Review: Tanar of Pellucidar is a swashbuckling romantic adventure

Hi everyone. I was able to finish another story, which means I can give you yet another review. This continues one of my favorite series by Edgar Rice Burroughs.
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
While talking to a fan on the surface, Edgar Rice Burroughs receives a message from Perry in Pellucidar. The empire he and David Innes helped set up has been attacked by pirate-like Korsars, vicious men who kill for the sake of it. They've taken several Pellucidarians captive, including Tanar, Prince of Sari. While Tanar is among the Korsars he encounters the beautiful Stellara. Along the way the two of them will face Korsars, prehistoric beasts, even the undead, but nothing can prepare them for the greatest foe they will encounter on their adventures: their feelings for each other.
I enjoy the adventures in the primordial world of Pellucidar, and this adventure was interesting. I enjoyed seeing more of the seas and islands of Pellucidar, and here Burroughs takes the opportunity to create a swashbuckling tale in a prehistoric world. How often do you get to read about that? For romantics out there the story has plenty of elements for a romantic story, but those who don't care it doesn't get carried away. The only problem I really had was the pacing. Burroughs could've taken the time to expound on the story. The adventures of Tanar could've been expounded to another book, especially at the end. It seems that he probably planned to write about those exploits at a later time, but never did. Maybe someday someone will be asked to expound on those adventures, but for now we can use our imaginations to decide what happened, and enjoy the stories he's given us.
Korsars threaten the characters. Swashbuckling action abound. Characters encounter zombies that try to eat them.
When dating we should learn to understand each other's feelings. The greatest form of love is to be willing to give our lives for another.

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