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Kingdom Hearts fan fiction chapter 4

Hi everyone. I have something a little more fun for you. I had some free time this afternoon to work on this chapter. I hope you enjoy it. I learned a long time ago that working with a large cast is very difficult, so I hope my strategy at the end of the chapter will help make things more manageable.
Chapter 4: Enlightened by Truth
            Everyone stood there as the two kids started stirring. Jason could tell that the people who were not from Netokan knew who they were, and were quite shocked to see them. He was feeling pretty mind blown. There was no way that these two could’ve come from Sora and Kairi, yet the more he thought about it the more it seemed like it was the only explanation.
            As the two figures stirred everyone seemed to hold their breath. The boy and girl then opened their eyes at the same time. Clair was surprised at how blue their eyes were, just like Sora and Kairi’s.
            “Naminé?” The boy asked the girl.
            “Roxas?” Naminé asked the boy in return.
            “Welcome back to the land of the living,” Axel joked with them as he and Mika both extended a hand to help them up. AJ couldn’t tell out of the entire group who was the most surprised.
            “But how…” Roxas questioned.
            “Would someone please explain what’s going on?” Jason asked.
            “Gosh, I wasn’t expectin’ this,” King Mickey admitted. “But I know just who can answer some of our questions.”
            “Master Yen Sid?” Sora asked the mouse.
            “Yep.” Mickey said.
            “Who’s Master Yen Sid?” Stella asked.
            “You’ll see. Now everyone, hold on to each other.” Mickey instructed. Sora, Riku, and Kairi each held on to Mickey while everyone else found an arm to hold on to. None of them knew what to expect, but Clair, Netti, and Stella had their suspicions that magic was going to be involved. With his free hand King Mickey held up a blue gemstone shaped like a star.
            “Alakazam!” No sooner had the word left Mickey’s mouth than everyone found themselves being pulled along at what felt like the speed of light. All around them the stars whipped by so fast they appeared to be nothing more than blurs. Whether they were traveling through space or somewhere else wasn’t clear. All that many of them could feel was pure light racing by as they were pulled to their destination.

            Back in the (name of the room with the thrones) Xemnas looked troubled. He was sure that the children would’ve carried out the mission by now. He knew when it came to different worlds time was sometimes an issue, yet it shouldn’t have taken them this long. He suspected Sora might’ve overcome them, yet that didn’t feel right.
            “Report.” Xemnas said. A dark corridor opened in the middle of the room and from the oval-shaped door came Xigbar.
            “Bad news: the children were stopped by Axel and some girl he was with,” Xigbar explained.
            “Kamix has finally betrayed us,” Xemnas mused.
            “What’s worse is now they’re all with the rat king, and he’s probably taking them to see his master,” Xigbar finished.
            Xemnas’s eyes flashed angrily. “Master Yen Sid,” He growled.

            Everyone crashed into the ground with the force of a meteorite. Everyone felt like they had been accelerated into a brick wall. Jason complained about feeling like every bone in his body was broken. Ashley was sure she was going to have a headache for a month.
            “That was faster than the express monorail.” Phil said as he staggered to his feet.
            “You’ll move faster to the hospital unless you zip it,” Jason warned.
            “What is this place?” Clair asked.
            “Welcome to the Mysterious Tower,” Mika clarified. The Mysterious Tower certainly lived up to its name. The building itself was crooked and bent with windows shaped like stars and moons. The cone-shaped top made people like Clair, Netti, and Ashley think of a sorcerer’s pointed hat.
            “Why is it called The Mysterious Tower?” Stella asked.
            “If we knew that it wouldn’t be mysterious. Got it memorized?” Axel asked.
            Stella rolled her eyes in response.
            “Your Majesty!” Two voices called out. Everyone looked up to see an anthropomorphic duck and dog walking towards them. I’ll save you the description because you’ll soon know who they are.
            “Donald! Goofy!” Sora cried out as he ran up and embraced his friends.
            “You know them?” Phil asked.
            “Yeah. These are my friends, Donald Duck and Goofy.” Sora introduced them.
            “Donald’s my court wizard, and Goofy’s my captain of the guard.” Mickey explained.
            “I’m confused.” Jason said.
            “What else is new?” Aurora asked.
            “Come on. We’ve got answers to find,” Riku reminded them. With that everyone started towards the tower. Clair looked up the spiral staircase to see it appeared to only go up one floor. As they ascended the stairs she noticed a strange feeling. She felt open like there were no limits and no restrictions.
            “Can you feel it?” Netti whispered to Clair.
            “If you mean like nothing’s impossible, then yes,” Clair whispered back. “Do you think it’s magic?”
            “That’s what I would assume.” Ashley whispered behind them.
            “Private conversation,” Netti informed her.
            “Then you should talk softer,” Stella suggested.
            They would’ve started arguing, but they didn’t because at that moment Mickey opened a door at the top of the stairs. One by one they all entered to meet Master Yen Sid. Clair had seen pictures of wizards and sorcerers in her books and what she saw matched her imagination. Master Yen Sid was dressed in a blue robe with a forked beard and a pointed blue hat decorated with gold stars and moons. For those of you unfamiliar with the games Yen Sid was the sorcerer who was training Mickey in The Sorcerer’s Apprentice from Fantasia.
            “Master Yen Sid.” Mickey, Donald, and Goofy said as they bowed before the sorcerer.
            “Welcome all of you. I’ve been expecting you.” Master Yen Sid said.
            “Expecting us?” AJ asked.
            “Yes. I’ve seen that you would all come eventually. There is so much that you need to be made aware of if you are to find your way back home.”
            “Are you really a wizard?” Ashley asked.
            “Sorcerer, though that was a good guess,” Master Yen Sid corrected her.
            “The greatest ever,” Donald added.
            “That’s right. Yull never find a better sorcerer anywhere,” Goofy informed them.
            Master Yen Sid raised his arms to stop them. “We have more important matters to discuss,” He explained. “You all are aware that your school was attacked by Maleficent.”
            “Duh.” Several of the students from Netokan said in unison.
            “And not too long after we were rescued by Organization XIII,” Stella added in. That statement came as a shock to Master Yen Sid because his eyes widened.
            “Organization XIII? Are you sure?” Master Yen Sid asked.
            “That’s what that Xemnas dude said.” Jason said.
            “Xemnas?” Master Yen Sid closed his eyes. After a minute he opened them and said, “Yes, I see now. The darkness has been blocking so much from my vision lately. I knew something was amiss, but I did not expect the Organization was behind it.”
            “Why?” Aurora asked.
            “Because we thought they had all been killed.” Riku explained.
            “What?” Everyone from Netokan asked.
            “Are you saying we were working for ghosts?” Phil asked.
            “Ghosts don’t have a lot of power, and from what you told us earlier they seemed pretty powerful.” Mika said.
            “I’m afraid Organization XIII is back, and they will be seeking revenge on you and your friends.” Master Yen Sid said.
            “Xemnas did mention that the keyblade could plunge the universe into eternal darkness,” Stella mentioned.
            “Which is what he will undoubtedly try to do again. Xemnas cares nothing for the worlds or those who—“ Master Yen Sid began to say.
            “Whoa, whoa, whoa, hold it. Worlds?” Jason asked.
            “You mean like parallel worlds? As in other existences besides our own?” Netti asked.
            “Xemnas failed to mention that,” Aurora stated.
            “There’s a lot the Organization didn’t tell you. Got it memorized?” Axel said.
            “There is much you need to know.” With a wave of his hand Master Yen Sid caused a big brown book to float off one of the shelves in his round room and placed it on his desk. “Read from this book. It will give you the information you will need.”
            “Uh, slight problem? If we from another world what makes you think we’ll be able to read it?” Clair asked.
            “It’s a magic book. Whoever reads from it reads it in their native language.” Master Yen Sid explained.
            That seemed to satisfy the group as they all looked at the book to start reading. Jason was never a book person and Phil and AJ preferred their video games to reading. However that didn’t mean they were illiterate, and as they looked they saw the words appear as if they were written on Harthyn. These were the words they read:

Long ago, people lived in peace, bathed in the warmth of light. Everyone loved the light. Then people began to fight over it. They wanted to keep it for themselves. And darkness was born in their hearts. The darkness spread, swallowing the light and many people’s hearts. It covered everything, and the world disappeared. But small fragments of light survived, in the hearts of children. With these fragments of light, children rebuilt the lost world. It’s the world we live in now. But the true light sleeps, deep within the darkness. That’s why the worlds are still scattered, divided from each other. But someday, a door to the innermost darkness will open, and the true light will return.

            “Nice fairy tale.” Aurora said as she finished.
            “I don’t think it’s a fairy tale, Aurora,” Clair stated.
            “It’s not. We’ve seen the place where the light sleeps.” Kairi said.
            “Kingdom Hearts.” Sora and Riku said in unison.
            “Kingdom Hearts?” Netti asked.
            “The heart of all worlds. The place where the light still lingers,” Master Yen Sid explained. “It is that power that Xehanort seeks to control for himself.”
            “Xehanort?” Everyone from Netokan asked.
            “Let me explain.” Master Yen Sid waved his hand and an image of Jason appeared next to everyone. A second later it was replaced by an image of the black creature with yellow eyes and antenna. “Whenever a person succumbs to the darkness in their heart a Heartless is born. This form, called a Shadow, is the most common. They hunt in packs seeking to consume the hearts of others, and for every heart they take their numbers grow.”
            Pausing for a second, Master Yen Sid caused an image of the white flexible creature to appear. “If a person with a strong heart falls to the darkness their bodies will eventually start to move on its own. Eventually they fade back to darkness because Nobodies like the Dusk don’t really exist.”
            “Heartless? Nobodies?” AJ thought out loud.
            “Organization XIII is made up of Nobodies.” Sora added in, causing the students from Netokan to look at them wide eyed.
            “Those guys are Nobodies?” Ashley asked.
            “That explains why they’ve got a vendetta against you,” Jason remarked.
            “Organization XIII tried to recreate Kingdom Hearts to take its powers for themselves. They were stopped thanks to Sora, Riku, and their friends.” Master Yen Sid said.
            “Why do I get the feeling that if they succeeded they would’ve brought about Necrodies?” Stella asked.
            “What?” Roxas asked.
            “Death day, the end of the world.” AJ explained.
            “But who is this Xena-hart dude?” Jason asked.
            “Xehanort was a former apprentice to Ansem the Wise, the ruler of Radiant Garden.” Master Yen Sid continued as an image of a man with silver hair and a lab coat appeared next to the image of a bearded man with blonde hair, with a lab coat and a red scarf around his neck. “However Xehanort betrayed his master, took his name, and banished him from his world. Xehanort continued studies that his master had forbidden which ultimately led his heart to succumb to the darkness. He became the Heartless Ansem and the Nobody Xemnas.” The respective images appeared.
            “So what’s the deal with the keyblades and all that?”
            “Keyblades are powerful weapons that were once used to protect the light. However when people sought to control the light for themselves they made keyblades of darkness. Whoever uses a keyblade can use it to bring order to the worlds, or chaos.” Master Yen Sid answered.
            “So does your book give any idea as to why we got keyblades from Xemnas?” Stella asked.
            “It does not. No one knows how a person is chosen. All we know is that the keyblade choses who wields it.” Master Yen Sid answered.
            “Hold on. Are you saying these pieces of metal are alive?” Jason asked.
            “In a way, but not the way you think.”
            “What’s that supposed to mean?”
            “Only you can find the answer for yourselves.”
            “So if Xemnas and the Organization are back, will they try again to succeed with their plans?” Clair asked.
            “Yes, which is why all of you must stop them.” Master Yen Sid replied.
            “You can count on us. The Organization doesn’t stand a chance with everyone here.” Sora said.
            “You feel up to fighting against your former team with us?” Riku asked Axel and Roxas.
            “Sure. Not like I’ve got the heart to care about them anyway.” Axel said.
            “They treated me like a tool before and hurt innocent people. I will do what I can to help you.” Roxas promised.
            “Before you embark on your quest, I have some gifts for you,” Master Yen Sid said as he stood up. With a wave of his hand everyone noticed that their clothes glowed with a soft light for a few seconds. “Now whenever you visit another world your clothes will change to help you blend with the inhabitants.”
            “Why is that important?” Jason asked.
            “Because you must not let other people know other worlds exist. Knowledge like that would bring chaos. Keep all such knowledge secret,” Master Yen Sid explained.
            “Thank you.” Several people said.
            “Now for your second gift.” Master Yen Sid pointed to the window and everyone looked out to see several brightly colored spaceship-like vessels waiting for them.
            “Why is there more than one gummi?” Sora asked.
            “The Organization will be looking for you. A large group will attract more attention than is needed. Divide yourselves into smaller teams, then choose a vessel to transport yourselves in.” Master Yen Sid answered.

Now for those of you who are confused here are some images of that Master Yen Sid showed the group.
A Shadow Heartless
Ansem, The Seeker of Darkness (a.k.a. Xehanort's Heartless)
A Dusk Nobody           


  1. nicely done. Good idea for splitting the group into multiple teams

    1. I thought it would make things easier to manage. I'm still practicing working with a large cast story.

    2. Smart move; both for the story itself and for the writing management. And here I was worried such a large cast might overwhelm you.

    3. It was a little stressful in the original version working with everyone. I learned that writing a scene is like setting a stage. You can only have so many people on at a time before the number detracts from the story. By splitting them up it'll insure that the stage is not crowded and allow me to develop each of the characters in a good amount of time.