Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Creation of Dymos

This is a short story I wrote for a class assignment. I view this as the story of how the world of Dymos came to be. Enjoy:

Long ago back to the time when Earth itself was just beginning Ancient Powers noticed that the process of change on the new world had a side effect. Now known as natural disasters, these changes unleashed another energy that moved loose matter to another sphere of existence. Known more commonly as an alternate dimension, the Ancient Powers gathered this loose matter and started forming it into another world.
Despite the means that separated the two worlds the Ancient Powers saw as time went by that as the worlds brushed close to each other in their spheres of existence disasters would occur on the worlds.  This would cause the barriers separating the two worlds to temporarily have holes ripped in them allowing plants and animals to migrate over to the new world. The Ancient Powers named this world Dymos and as they continued to develop this world decreed that this world would exist to preserve the species of Earth from extinction.
Throughout the ages the world of Earth died and was reborn many times. However many species were wiped out as a result. Thankfully the doorways to Dymos had opened many times over the years allowing plants and animals to cross over and escape certain death. As the years went on other items from the skies above Earth smashed into the planet and caused the world to die. Yet this world had something most did not: The need to live.
The events that transpired over the millennia that would’ve resulted in the end of a world was never the end of Earth. Some of the matter that crashed into the planet actually did something more. Another force was brought into existence. It was nowhere near as strong as the Ancient Powers, yet it was still remarkable. It began to cause stranger creatures to come into existence. Mostly they were mixtures of many different species.
As with many things with wonder comes fear. The emergence of magic also brought forth sinister forces. These forces sought to destroy life for good. The creatures of magic had reason and were able to withstand these powers, yet the Ancient Powers knew that the time would come where the forces of darkness would overpower the magic. To aid them the Ancient Powers created a very special gift: The ability to shape one’s destiny and influence the future. The Ancient Powers then gave this gift to an unusual species of animals which were just starting to emerge and find their way in life: the species that would come to be known as the human race.
The magical creatures were aware of this great gift and started teaching the humans about civilization. However it was at this time that one of the dark forces reared its ugly head. It began to encourage all life to take everything beautiful and not share it with others. It sought to bring about the downfall of the world by making everyone take it for themselves. This entity, named Ereged, was confronted by one of the most powerful magical races in existence: The dragons.
Realizing what Ereged was plotting the dragons all over the world joined forces to fight this nemesis. This massive army fought against Ereged in what some say was the first war. Despite their abilities the dragons were no match for this dark force. It was then that the Ancient Powers directly intervened. They imparted bits of their power into several magical items that were sent to aid the dragons. However the dragons never got a chance to use them. These weapons all chose human wielders.
The humans joined the dragons in their struggle against Ereged and together stopped his diabolical plan. However they failed to destroy this evil and pieces of his being were imprisoned within several precious items. Some say it was seven items, others say it was thirteen. A few insist that he only split into two. Regardless of how many pieces it was they were scattered before anyone could get their hands on them. Fearing that Ereged would use these items to return the dragons scoured the planet gathering every valuable item that Ereged could’ve been turned into and hiding the treasure in hoards, guarding them in order to keep someone from unleashing Ereged’s evil upon the world. However the lure of the great wealth corrupted dragons from time to time and they sought out treasure for their greed. The searches of those hoards failed to reveal any piece of Ereged. To this day no one has found anything that could be a piece of the evil, yet some believe that he is still out there waiting for the chance to exact his revenge.

I can't seem to decide which name would be best for the evil force I mentioned. Possibilities besides the one used in the story include Arroged, Ureged, Oregyd, and Aroged. Which do you like? 

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