Friday, November 5, 2010

Dymos stuff

The Myths of Dymos: Power of Vedion has now been out for a few months, and people who've read it have told me they liked it. People around Brigham Young University have asked where they could get a copy, and have ordered from online stores like and Barnes and Noble. Last week, I was able to to meet some great authors at the Teen Book Fest at Provo Library. These authors include (but were not limited to) Brandon Mull (author of the Fablehaven series), Brandon Sanderson (author of the Alcatraz series, the Wheel of Time series, and The Way of Kings), Jefferey Scott Savage (author of the FarWorld books and The Fourth Nephite), Lisa Mangum (author of the Hourglass Door series), and Scott Westerfeld (author of Leviathan and Behemoth). They all received a copy of my book from me and sounded very interested in what it was about.

I've noticed some things in Power of Vedion that I haven't explained yet in the book that I will take the time to explain in book 2. First off is why did some of the magical creatures fight with the Magic's Bane even though they knew that they were evil? Second, why was it that several creatures (goblins, ogres, trolls, etc) that are usually seen as bad fighting on the side of good? Those questions, and many more will be answered.

Originally I said that some of the original characters from the first story would be back, but their roles would be minor. I've been thinking about the plot, and that could change in the future. For right now, only time will tell of what may or may not happen in Dymos.

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