Sunday, October 2, 2016

Book Review: Death Weavers weaves an intricate tale of excitement and hope

Good day everyone. Today I am here with a review for the most recent book by one of my favorite authors. The book is Five Kingdoms: Death Weavers. 

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
Cole Randolph and his friends are continuing their mission to find Mira's lost sisters and restore their powers while trying to find the kids who were sold as slaves and get them back to Earth. This time, their adventures take them to the haunting land of Necronum, where echoes of people who have died can still interact with the mortal world. Here they hope to find Mira's youngest sister, Destiny, who had the power to know of things that were going to happen. While there, they lose their way of finding out which sister is in trouble and where to look for them, and they run into trouble with high consequences. In an effort to save his friends, Cole must use the weaving powers of Necronum to travel to the mysterious Echolands, where he will face foes with the power of shapecraft and make new friends with echoes of deceased heroes. In the process, a dangerous entity known as Nazeem is threatening to escape the Echolands and return to the mortal realm of the Outskirts. Will Cole be able to fulfill his mission and save the Outskirts? Or will he and his friends be doomed? 
I am a big fan of Brandon Mull, and whatever he writes ends up being good. This book is no exception as it takes the story of the Five Kingdoms series to the next level. Mull has shown expertise in world building and here we get a new take on the concept of the afterlife that hasn't been done before. Instead of the gloom and doom prospect, readers are treated to an afterlife that offers more hope and goodness. We also get to see familiar faces from previous series return, but I won't say who because of potential spoilers. Not only are we treated to a fantastic new take on the afterlife, but we also get to learn more about the mysterious creatures known as the torivors. Given how they seem to keep popping up I am beginning to wonder if we're going to see more of them, not just in the Five Kingdoms, but in future works of Brandon Mull. 
The story itself is also a fun and wild roller coaster ride, full of twists and turns that will leave you on the edge of your seat. Mull has also incorporated some ideas that can help with philosophical thinking, and even given us a look into the origins of the Outskirts themselves. But what I found really impressive what how he has worked with the system of shaping, essentially the force of magic in this world. Brandon Mull has a very clear idea on how it works, and the way he explains it in the novel makes it work really well. It's used in ways that tests his characters, and helps them grow into great heroes worthy of this genre. If you have not journeyed into the Five Kingdoms yet, don't hesitate. This is an adventure you do not want to miss. 
People interact with ghosts, some of whom capture and threaten characters. A horse kills some soldiers. A battle against a demonic creature occurs. Lots of peril. 
Death is not the end. We should be careful of who we deal with, whether on the internet or off, because they may not be as sincere as they claim to be. A strong will and determination can throw off the powers of evil. Even if we cannot see the end or purpose of certain events, we can trust that things will work out for the better in the end. When we help others instead of ourselves, we can achieve great things.

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