Sunday, September 4, 2016

Book Review: A Feast for Crows continues the aftermath

Hi again. Got a book read and ready to review. Today's selections is A Feast for Crows.
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Continuing where A Storm of Swords left off, Westeros is in disarray. Tywin Lannister has been murdered by his son Tyrion, and Cersei is determined to have the head of her brother. Brienne is determined to find the lost Stark girls and bring them to safety to keep the oaths she made with Catelyn Stark and Jaime Lannister. Even though sister and brother have been reunited, Cersei and Jaime grow further and further apart as they see that both of them have changed, and in ways they do not like. As her brother continues to act more like the knight he was supposed to be, Cersei continues to maneuver the politics of the seven kingdoms, using her son Tommen as a puppet king while she tries to put in power people she can control. Meanwhile, Arya arrives in Braavos and starts adopting a new lifestyle while Samwell Tarly travels to Oldtown to learn to be a maester for the Night's Watch. All around, the people struggle to rebuild life after the war of the Five Kings has all but ended. However, events are in motion that cannot be stopped. The Ironborn are moving to conquer the entire land, outlaws continue to plague the people, and ancient customs that were long banned are being brought back. One thing can be certain: all this will mean a feast for crows.
This book, to be honest, was not as well liked as the others were. That does not mean it's not important for the series. It shows the aftermath of a war that was won by the side no one wanted to win, and how the people suffer for it. George R. R. Martin has done a great job showing people desperate for order among all the chaos the war has brought on, from becoming outlaws to turning to religion for comfort. It was interesting to read from Cersei's viewpoint, even though she's one of my least favorite characters, because we get to see her reasoning for doing what she does, and it becomes clear who she truly cares about. Not to mention we learn things about her past that could set in motion the future. It was tedious to read a lot of the chapters because a lot of them felt like filler, but that's life for you. Gotta go through things that don't feel important at the moment, but will undoubtedly be so in the future. It's clear that Martin is setting the stage for something big, and all we can do is wait for the storm to hit.
Large amounts of swearing, including use of the F-word. People have sex and discuss it with each other. Blood and gore abound.
The more we try to cover up our sins, the more they come back to haunt us. Nothing stays hidden forever. We must watch what we do and say, for there is a chance that they will be used against us.

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