Thursday, January 7, 2016

Book review: Arthur and the Vale of Shadows is an unexpected tale

Time for another review. This is one that I did not expect to exist, but here it is. Arthur and the Vale of Shadows:
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
During the days of Camelot King Arthur and Lancelot were patrolling their kingdom when they came across a place they did not know about. There they found men who had been killed outside of a castle that hadn't been there before. Together Arthur and Lancelot must brave the dangers that lurk within the castle, including the infamous Dracula.
The story itself is short, but the feelings of dread inside the castle are intense. You can feel the fear as if you were walking around the castle with Arthur and Lancelot. I know that technically Dracula was supposed to have come hundreds of years after Arthur, but it's still interesting to see the two in the same time and place. I would've like a bit of a longer story, but Thomas Adams did a great job with the overall plot. Dracula's origin is changed a bit, but the same darkness still resides. This would be a great book for a quick read on a dark night.
Dead men are seen impaled. Some jump scares and a frightening villain.
Pray to God for strength to overcome evil.

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