Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Book Review: The Great Battle lives up to its name

Hi everyone. Well, I know that you know what time it is now. It's time for me to review a new book. The lucky winner today is book one of the Guardians of Allon series, The Great Battle.
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
Allon is a country unlike any you've seen before. The people are capable of getting direct help from Jor'el, the god of the world. To help maintain peace Jor'el has created a race of super people known as the Guardians. Each guardian has their own special skills and use them to help mortals. However nowadays there are some guardians that are causing trouble, like a mysterious rogue who beats people. An investigation begins to uncover a dangerous plan that could change the course of Allon's history forever.
I was incredibly impressed with this story. Shawn Lamb has created an amazing world that definitely stands out on its own. It has a presence of the Divine like in Narnia, but the action of Middle-Earth. Most fantasy stories start out with the world in an age of darkness and tyranny, but the author here has come up with a well-written story that shows the world in a golden age before the fall from grace. There are mystical creatures, but they are not what you expect. One example of something fantasy fans are familiar with would be the kelpie, but it is more of a monster than the water horse we know. Shawn Lamb has also created some dangerous new monsters that most heroes would rather not face in battle. Different perspectives and characters help set things up for the future of Allon and help to move the story along. This is a must-have for anyone who loves fantasy or the Chronicles of Narnia.
Some battles can be terrifying and intense. Characters are chased by monsters and injured. People are tortured by the villains. Cases of blood from battles. Many characters die. A man passes through fire to test his virtue.
Sometimes people are allowed to do bad things so the judgement will be just. Even when it seems like evil has won, God will prevail in the end. Sometimes doing the right thing means going against those around you.

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