Saturday, July 4, 2015

Book Review: Galthain's Bones is a fun journey of growth

Hi everyone. I finally got done with a book I said I'd read. Now it's time to give a review. This takes us beyond the land of Astarkand in the story Galthain's Bones.

Rating: Five out of Five stars
Long before he came to Astarkand Bjorn was living with his family in Hevla. However one day the Seeress comes and tells him that he must retrieve the bones of his ancestor Eiathan from the city of Deathwater, located in the desert, and bring them to Hevla so they can be properly buried. With a company of six men Bjorn will travel through a scorching and unforgiving desert, where danger follows them and water is hard to come by. What's more, how will they get the remains of Eiathan out of the desert, and is someone in the company hiding a secret? 
There is a bonus story included as well. This story accounts the life of Bjorn Horsa at home in Hevla. We get to see another side to Bjorn as he lives with his family, close and extended. The bonus story serves for good humor and helps to show the culture of the Horsa people. While living in Hevla Bjorn gets into all kind of mischief while he seeks to have fun with his brothers and cousins. But will there be a price to pay for his humor?
I'm glad that we got to see a little more of the world apart from Astarkand. This book helps to build the world Krystine Kercher has created in Legends of Astarkand, and takes us beyond the borders of the kingdom we have become acquainted with. Like how the Horsa are Christian, the people of the desert appear to be Muslim as they worship Allah. However the danger comes from the bandits and the mysterious Emir. The journey sometimes feels long, but it is a world. Of course traveling across it would be a long process. Magic doesn't really appear until halfway through the story, but it serves as a tool that helps the characters. Overall this is a fun fantasy story that should be read. 
A character mentions the word rape, but it isn't seen. Bandits chase men across the desert. Some fighting, but not gory. 
We should remember our ancestors and do what we can to honor them. The Lord will provide a way for us to obey his will. It is good to befriend those who are not of our faith. Good people are found everywhere.

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