Thursday, March 13, 2014

Review of Five Kingdoms: Sky Raiders

Once again author Brandon Mull has created another epic fantasy story. This new book pushes the limits of fantasy like never before. Brandon has shown no fear in creating a story that will shape itself in your mind.
The story begins with a group of friends having fun on Halloween when they decide to check out a spooky old house. However things go wrong when they are captured and taken to another world called the Outskirts. There they are made into slaves to be sold. One of them, Cole, ends up with the Sky Raiders, a group of people who take treasure from floating castles before they vanish forever. The basic fundamental rule is simple: Don't die. 
Eventually Cole helps a fellow slave escape from enemies who are pursuing her. They, along with some new friends, venture to reclaim her lost powers and find a way to stop the ruthless king of the Five Kingdoms and free Cole's friends. 
I have to say Sky Raiders will definitely raid your imagination. There's no telling what you're going to find in the Five Kingdoms. Strange things seem to exist around every corner. If you want a change of pace from your average fantasy this is it.

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