Thursday, December 12, 2013

On publishing and Finals

Hi. The time's really been busy because finals are coming up next week and this weekend I plan to study hard to make sure I do good. It would be nice to get a really good grade. However even if I just pass the finals that'll be enough for me. It means I tried.
So what else to blog about? Oh yeah. Tonight in my Creative Writing class I learned about publishing what you write. I was told that getting a book agent is a good way to get your manuscript published. However there is something you should remember: agents don't get paid until after the book is published. If an agent asks for money beforehand, that's a good signal that you should probably try someone else. In trying to find an agent there are plenty of websites you can use. However specific agents are sometimes mentioned in the acknowledgments of a book. Conferences are also a good way to find an agent.
If you want to try to get published without an agent you can try self-publishing, but it means you'll have to work harder to get your book out there. One of the things you should do with writing is make sure your manuscript is ready. Especially if you have a series planned. Fans generally don't like to be kept waiting. I'm sorry that I wasn't patient enough in that department. Well now I know writing can be harder than we often think. However I really enjoy writing because I love the feeling I get with creating a new world and new adventures within, and being able to share that gift with others is truly a gratifying experience.
If you want to know how to get your manuscript really good what I was told was to find a critique group. A critique group is a group of people who read and give feedback on what they've written. It can be very helpful because weak areas can be spotted by others and you can get ideas for revision. One important thing to remember you don't need to use everything they say. You can consider their ideas and if you like them you could try to use them. If not, just remember they were giving their ideas. It's important to keep in mind it's your story and you are the one who is ultimately in charge.
One last thing, last night I learned of a group of students who are working on a company called The Dream Press. Basically people can submit their work and then people can read and vote on what they'd like to see published. If you have a novel you'd like to get published you can submit the first chapter as a hooker. You can even post your own covers or you can select the option of allowing someone else to create one for you, either in black and white or in color. Best part is it's not that expensive. Only around $20. Well I need to get back to writing so see you later. Oh, before I go here's a link to the website:

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