Friday, March 25, 2011

Review of Kingdom Keepers III: Disney in Shadow

It's review time again. I've had some interesting books to read, and the book that gets reviewed today is Kingdom Keepers III: Disney in Shadow.
Kingdom Keepers is an interesting series written by Ridley Pearson, who's also the author of the Peter and the Starchatchers series. Kingdom Keepers is about a group of teens who sign up to be Disney holographic hosts. They get paid for the job and their families get free lifetime passes to the Disney parks. How could they refuse? Because there's a side effect.
The group finds out that being the holographic hosts comes with a side effect: When they go to sleep at night, they wake up in the Magic Kingdom. They find out from one of Disney's Imagineers that there's a group of villains called the Overtakers who want to take over the parks (and possibly the world afterwards). The Kingdom Keepers, as the group ends up being called, have to work together to stop them.
In the third book in the series, a friend of the Kingdom Keepers has gone missing. After failing to find their friend at the Magic Kingdom, the Kingdom Keepers decide to head over to Epcot to continue searching. There, they encounter dangerous new additions to the Overtakers forces, like vikings, cavemen, and a very nasty python. The Kingdom Keepers will have to use their courage, wits, and friendship to stop the Overtakers latest plot.
I've grown up loving the Disney films, and I was eager to read the series once I found a bookstore that sold the books. The characters make a really great team and their exploits are not to be missed. There were some mistakes, like a name being in places it shouldn't, but it wasn't enough to stop me from giving this book 4 stars! If you are a fan of Disney, you should pick up this series.

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