Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Review of Adventurers Wanted: The Horn of Moran

Okay, I've finished reading another great book, and it's time for me to give a review on it.

The Adventurers Wanted series is a new fantasy series that follows the adventures of Alex Taylor. In the next book in the series, The Horn of Moran, Alex reunites with some of his old friends from his last adventure, as well as meets some new faces. This new adventure presents a bigger challenge than his last one did: Two men are claiming the throne to the land of Alusia, and the only thing that can determine the true king, the Horn of Moran, has been lost. Unless it is found and returned, a civil war may break out. Alex and his friends will journey to Norseland, where the Horn was last said to have been seen. Not only are they in a race against time and in a battle against the elements, but this band of adventurers will come face to face with goblins, griffins, and a deadly sphinx.
I admit, I wasn't too impressed with the first book in the series, Slathbog's Gold. Even though the story had interesting ideas and fun characters, the story's plot reminded me too much of The Hobbit. However, I was extremely pleased with how The Horn of Moran turned out. The author M.L. Forman has shown great imagination in creating plot twists and building friendship between the characters. The wise choices of Alex and his friends are also to be praised, as they could have easily gone a different road, but chose not to. If there's anyone who has a deep love for fantasy stories, I say you should add this book to your collection. I look forward to reading more books from the Adventurers Wanted series.


  1. Hey, thanks for the great review. You're right as well, Slathbog was a bit too much of Tolkien... something I didn't really notice until it was published and too late.

  2. You're welcome Mr. Forman. I do look forward to reading more of Alex's adventures.