Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Where does "The End" Occur?

Well, fans of the famous Chronicles of Narnia series won't have to wait too much longer until they can return to Narnia. The next film in the series, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, sets sail this Friday. Being the third story in Narnia's universe, this brings up an interesting question: When does "The End" truly occur?
What is it about stories that keeps authors writing about them? Is it the lure to show readers what happens to the heroes of their stories? Is it to keep writing? Or is it just to make more money? Whatever the reason, it pleases fans to see more adventures with some of their favorite characters. I guess if a story can be imagined by the author that continues the adventures and exploits of their characters, they'll write it.
No matter how popular the characters may get, one thing always has to happen: the series must come to a close. This is one thing that fans dislike about series the most, because it means no more adventures with some of their favorite characters. I suspect that authors try to make up for this by making the last book as great a story as it can possibly get. But even though the stories may come to an end, "The End" may not happen for those characters. If people love the characters hard enough, they will keep them alive in their imaginations.

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